Munchkin TheraBurpee Colic & Fever Rescue Kit with Hot & Cold Therapy Burp Cloths


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therburpee colic fever recue kittherburpee colic fever recue kit

Tummy tamer, fever reliever. TheraBurpee to the rescue!

Sometimes, no amount of cuddling does the trick to soothe your little one. Whether baby is teething, sick or colicky, you might both need a little extra comfort and support. TheraBurpee Colic and Fever Rescue Kit is here to help – the natural way!

These premium burp cloths are made of absorbent 100% cotton with specially-designed, built-in pockets that hold fabric-covered gel packs, which can be used for hot or cold therapy.

Try the soft hot pack on baby’s tummy – a natural, holistic remedy for colic symptoms or gas pain – or alleviate your own blocked milk ducts and nursing-related pain. Apply the cold pack to baby’s face and chest to help reduce fever, or ice bruises and bumps. When snuggles aren’t enough, TheraBurpee works extra hard to help soothe all kinds of fussies – the natural way. TheraBurpee is the perfect registry gift – a must-have for any new parent!

How to use TheraBurpee

Localize placement of the gel packs depending on the baby’s ailment. Looking for a little extra soothing? Try the aromatherapy version, TheraBurpee with Essential Oils! Need a few more burp cloths or gel packs on hand? Additional burp cloths and gel packs are available for purchase.

therburpee burp cloths and hot and cold gel packstherburpee burp cloths and hot and cold gel packs

founder theraburpeefounder theraburpee

Created by Mom, for Moms

TheraBurpee was created by Laura Biedebach, a certified medical massage practitioner, proud mother of 4 and grandmother of 6.

Laura developed a deep passion to aid little ones with fever and colic after one of her own children battled Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child. Laura lives in Tennessee with her dog Riley.


theraburpee burp cloths

theraburpee burp cloths

gel packs

gel packs

hot and cold therapy

hot and cold therapy

upset tummy

upset tummy

Two full-coverage burp cloths (20″ x 9.75″)

In addition to the clever built-in pockets, these burp cloths are made with 100% cotton, an absorbent terry cloth top panel, and contoured edge that fits the curve of the neck for full coverage.

Two premium, fabric covered gel packs (7.5″ x 5.25″)

Used for either hot or cold, these soft, fabric-covered gel packs can be microwaved for heat, and remain flexible when frozen.

Localized treatment for specific ailments

You can target where to apply treatment depending on baby’s ailment. For Colic, apply hot pack to baby’s tummy. For Fever, apply cold pack to baby’s face and chest.

Other ways to use TheraBurpee (count the ways!)

Use the hot pack on an upset or gassy tummy, or alleviate blocked milk ducts and prevent mastitis for nursing moms. Use the cold pack for teething pain or bumps and bruises even after baby’s outgrown the burping stage.

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8 piece set: Includes 2 ultra soft, 100% cotton, contoured burp cloths, 2 hot and cold gel packs, 2 essential oil sprays and 2 aroma pads

Lightweight and portable swing emulates parents’ natural side-to-side sway in 5 distinct speeds

Safely cleans and removes odor from pacifiers, bottle nipples, teethers and other small items

Safely cleans and removes odor from toys, nursery items and other large items via the power of 21 UVC lights

Purifies 7 cubic feet per minute to create a continuous “bubble” of clean air

Baby nasal aspirator clears stuffy noses quickly and effectively

100% cotton burp cloths with multiple built-in pockets that hold gel packs and allow localized treatment depending on the ailment
Harnesses natural remedies to provide relief – heat for colic and upset tummy, cold for temperatures, inflammation, and teething pain
4 piece set: Includes 2 ultra soft contoured burp cloths, 2 hot and cold gel packs
Premium, fabric-covered gel packs are microwaveable and stay flexible when frozen
Safe to use with babies from birth
Great for nursing moms to ease breastfeeding ailments like blocked milk ducts or engorgement — use TheraBurpee to heal both mom and baby at the same time.
Effective for easing minor bumps and bruises even after baby’s outgrown the burping stage

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Munchkin TheraBurpee Colic & Fever Rescue Kit with Hot & Cold Therapy Burp Cloths


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